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Thursday, August 30, 2012
Dr Kathie Nunley's Educator's Newsletter
---September 2012--- 15 years of publication with over 17,000 subscribers

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News and updates to Kathie Nunley's Layered Curriculum® Sites for Educators:
--------SECTION ONE: TEACHING TIPS              
TEACHER TIP #1:  To get history students to actually read the assigned 
chapter before class discussion:  Day of discussion, divide students into 
teams of 3 or 4.  I write up about 50 questions.  Ask team a question and 
they have 15 seconds to discuss and come up with an answer for a point
of extra credit.  If they don't the question goes to another team.  You can 
have them write the answer so they can't hear other team discussion. I 
also allow the team with correct answer to ball up the correct response 
and toss into garbage can 20 feet away.  No name, workshop participant, 
TEACHER TIP # 2: Have a "special chair" in the classroom - like an 
executive office chair on wheels.  The chair gets used for special day 
students - birthday, highest grade on test, biggest improvement of ponts 
on units, etc.  
Send your favorite teaching tip to me at Kathie@brains.org
------SECTION TWO: HOT TOPICS in Neuro & Educational Psychology-----
HOT TOPIC # 1:Children who have been through trauma have more
trouble negotiating relationships in classrooms and within their peer 
groups. Trauma in childhood leads to more severe interpersonal struggles
as adults. Moreso than people traumatized as adults. 
Marylene Cloitre, PhD, National Center for PTSD, Menlo Park, CA. 
"Trauma Recovery: The Art and Science of Treating the Whole Person". 
Invited Address, Aug 4, 2012. APA National Conference, Orlando, FL. 

HOT TOPIC #2: Mind wandering is a significant factor affecting  reading 
comprehension. Researchers have studied influences on this relationship. 
Individual differences in mind wandering can be attributed to working 
memory capacity, interest in the topic, motivation to do well on the task 
and experience with the topic. 
Unsworth, N. & McMillan, B. (2012), "Mind Wandering and Reading 
Comprehension: Examining the Roles of Working Memory Capacity, Interest, 
Motivation, and Topic Experience," Journal of Experimental Psychology: 
Learning, Memory and Cognition. Aug 20, preview, nps.  

More Hot Topics at the website:  http://brains.org and at :  

New Layered Curriculum® Units posted: 

Brian Caughie sent several new Layered Curriculum® units for Spanish 3 & 5.
Lori Slifka  sent a new 6th grade Earth Science Layered Curriculum® unit. 
Elizabeth Garcia sent a new middle school units for Hatchet w/ TEKS objectives. 
Patricia Arredondo sent a Layered Curriculum® unit for Geometry and Spatial Reasoning. 

Sample Layered Curriculum® units at: http://Help4Teachers.com/samples.htm
Layered Curriculum® text & workbook always available at a direct , discounted 
price at our online bookshop:  http://brains.org/store/ 

Dear Kathie,
     Here are several Spanish 3 unit sheets for the Exprésate 3 textbook.  I have 
used Layered Curriculum for the past three years (prior to becoming assistant 
principal).  It has absolutely revolutionized my teaching.  I’m so grateful that I 
came across your books.  I’ve been working hard to encourage other teachers 
to read about Layered Curriculum and implement it in their classrooms.
     I’m hoping to write my doctoral dissertation on Layered Curriculum.  I have 
about a year to go before I start writing.  
     Thanks again for all of this wonderful work.  It has made a huge difference for
me and my students.
Brian D. Caughie 
House Principal, Class of 2014, Central Bucks High School-West

Thanks so much for sharing the units.  They are now posted and I look forward
to hearing more from you as you start your doctoral work.  Let me know if I can
 help and good luck!!   -Kathie

Happy New Year!!  Most of us in North America are celebrating a new 
school year.  I hope you are returning full of energy and ideas.  It's always 
an exciting time of the year for teachers, students and parents.  

I want to thank the teachers in Millersburg, Ohio for another great day. I look 
forward to seeing what you do with Layered Curriculum®.  Please share 
any units you design.  Thanks also to the teachers at Bay City Academy in 
Bay City Michigan.  Bay City Academy is a charter school founded on Choice 
Theory ideas - so a perfect fit for Layered Curriculum®.  

I'm back in New Hampshire for the month of September and hope to get 
some new projects started and a few others finished.  I'll be back out on the
road in October.  If you need a Layered Curriculum® workshop offered at 
your location this school year, just let me know.  I have several spring 2013
openings and one more opening for fall 2012.  

As always, my best to you and yours, 

Dr Kathie F Nunley
Layered Curriculum® . . . because every child deserves a special education (tm)
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